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Beverly High School Class of 1960

How to Contact the BHS Class of 1960

Your Reunion Committee, Webmaster, Connections Editor


 Class of 1960 Reunion Committee 
 Webmaster & Communications   <== 05/27/11   Rewritten
 "BHS 1960 Connections" Editor 
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BHS '60 Reunion Committee
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Your Reunion Committee Page
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The BHS Class of 1960 Reunion Committee now has its own page, which is in fact a subdomain of bhs60.com. This means you can easily go directly to that page from anywhere, rather than stepping through our official website here, or entering a complicated URL address. Notice the word "committee" replaces the usual "www".

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Keeping Track of Names & Addresses
Webmaster & Communications

William F. Nisbet
Contact the Webmaster
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Bill designed, implemented and maintains the official website for BHS '60, the one you are on now. He also tracks names, addresses, phone numbers, and status of all members of BHS '60, in a database of around 415 records. It is very important that you notify him of all address changes. He actively works on our list of missing classmates, trying to locate those classmates for whom we do not have a current address. If you know where a person on this list can be contacted. please let him know.

Bill helps with the mass communications to our classmates, including addressing all envelopes for USPS (United States Postal Service) mailings to everyone (about 334 including 2nd home), and emailing an occasional so-called electronic status report to all classmates who have an email address (approx. 195). On this website, we have a page devoted to newsletters and status reports. Without an email address, you are out of the loop, especially in view of the new policies of the reunion committee. (See New Committee policy
- Opens in a new window.) If Bill does not have your USPS address you are officially "Missing."

Some Reasons To Contact the Webmaster

1) Suggestions for changes and new features for our website, and additions in the form of pictures, stories, and the like. Anything you would like to share with your classmates is considered. Also, he appreciates being told about bad links, misspellings, inaccuracies, omissions, and all other errors.

2) Address Changes: Please keep Bill informed of all address changes, both email and regular USPS mailing addresses. Also, if you spend a lot of time in a 2nd home, we need that address, too, because at certain times of the year it might not be clear where you are. Not to worry, no address information is given out without your permission. Thanks in advance.

3) Contact an Old Friend: If you wish to contact a specific person in the class, let Bill know, and he will forward your note to that person by email, if possible, or by snail mail. They, in turn, will contact you, if they so desire. Please check the "Missing" List for people that cannot be contacted, the Do Not/Cannot Contact Lists for those classmates who don't want to hear from you, or are physically incapacitated,. and the Deceased List. We have at least a USPS address for everyone else.

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BHS 1960 Connections

Primilla (Bailey) Young
2200 Harpoon Drive
Stafford VA 22554

Hello classmates: By late May or early June, 2010, you should have received a copy of the 2nd issue of BHS 60 Connections. Our intent is to send a new 3rd issue to everyone around June of 2011. In addition to letting your classmates know what's on your mind and what you've been doing, publication at that time will "exercise" the USPS addresses in our database. This keeps them accurate as possible. Theoretically, this should be done at least once a year to take advantage of the United States Postal Service mail forwarding regulations.

As editor, I am soliciting articles from classmates. These can be a short autobiography (what's happened in your life since graduation); perhaps a poem, or reflections on life. What was your favorite song during our high school years; your favorite movie; your favorite teacher (and why); your favorite place to hang out during high school; and a special highlight of your three years at BHS. Please send me anything you would like to share, for consideration, to my email address, if at all possible.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Prim Young.

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